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Trotec BO21 Inspection Camera

The BO21 is a basic inspection borescope camera for fast visual inspections in hard to view or confined areas or cavities.

Designed for fast effective inspection of cavities and confined spaces, the BO21 features a lightweight easy-to-grip handle design with a 2.4" colour LCD screen.

With a 480 x 234 pixel LCD screen resolution, images are clearly displayed for the user to determine results.
The semi-flexible gooseneck probe features a ø 17mm camera with a 1meter length.
Fixed focussing allows clear focus free images to be viewed at an optimum depth of 50-150mm away from the desired surface or target.

For low light or dark cavities, the powerful quad LED illumination features 10 steps of brightness control, enabling the correct illumination for the inspection in any situation.

The 180° image rotation function allows for inspection views where the probe of the camera is unable to be inserted into the cavity in the correct orientation.

The BO21 is supplied with 3 accessories - a 45° clip on mirror for side viewing, a hook attachment for hanging the camera probe end and a magnetic tip.
Optional extensions are available for the BO21 as well as ø 9mm and ø 6mm camera probes in 1m or 3m lengths.

The Trotec BO21 is covered by a 1 Year manufacturers warranty.


  • Display: 2.4 inch colour LCD (480 x 234 pixels)
  • Camera Probe: ø 6 mm 17 mm, length 1m
  • Camera Light: LED Quad with 10 step brightness control
  • Camera Head Control: No
  • Camera IP Protection: IP67
  • Focus: Fixed, 50 to 150 mm optimal focal depth
  • Frame Rate: 30Hz
  • Image Rotation: Yes, 180°
  • Field Of View: 68°
  • Zoom: Yes, digital 2x
  • Weight: 670 grams
  • Battery Type: 4x AA
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty


Product Details Price
Trotec BO21 Inspection Camera

BO21, 1x 17mm camera probe, mirror, magnetic and hook attachments, 4x AA alkaline batteries, get started guide.

    $365.00 + GST
Trotec 17mm BO21 Camera Extension Probe

ø 17mm semi rigid 1m extension probe for the BO21

    $34.00 + GST
Trotec 6mm BO21 1m Camera

ø 6mm flexible 1m camera for the BO21

    $118.00 + GST
Trotec 6mm BO21 3m Camera

ø 6mm flexible 3m camera for the BO21

    $151.00 + GST

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