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Operating under Level 3 and Keeping Safe
This week, like many New Zealand business, we entered Level 3 for Covid-19. It has disrupted our normal way of life and brought with it new safety measures for businesses, that must be put into place to keep everyone safe. Like many, we look forward to life and business getting back to normal quickly.
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Keeping NZ Essential Workers covered - literally
During this unprecedented time and the associated health risks, Accurate's PPE and technical safety experts have been busy keeping many of the front-line essential workers through-out NZ, protected as best they can with a range of respirators, masks, face-shields, coveralls and protective gloves.
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New 2020 Infrared Cameras from Fluke
A new line of Fluke infrared cameras have been released for 2020, designed with your thermal imaging needs in mind. Take out the guesswork and achieve more consistent results and crisper images. Find out why Fluke is one of the market leaders in thermal imaging equipment.
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CUES Conference in Florida
In January 2020, Robert Wood and Jono Millar from Accurate, flew across the globe to Florida in the USA to attend the CUES 2020 conference. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of water, wastewater, and stormwater inspection equipment, CUES provides the necessary tools for both pipeline inspection and repair.
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A proud day for all Kiwis
Team New Zealand returned to the water this week to continue testing and had the satisfaction of foiling under sail. Accurate is proud to be the Measurement Supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand and last week our Directors had the privilege of attending the launch of the latest single hull `boat’ and with the hi-tech tilting foils it looks more like an aircraft.
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New Enclosure for Zoo
Accurate recently had the pleasure of invited to visit the new enclosure at Auckland Zoo, currently being built for the Orangutans! The animals are due to arrive later this year and the site is buzzing with activity. The enclosure itself is very large, open and will have a lot of areas for the orangutans to climb, jump and even swim in.
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