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Safety in the workplace

25th October 2017.

With risk being present in all areas of the workplaces and new industry health & safety rules in place, now is the time to work with your team to identify risks, and manage them correctly.

As a PCBU, you are required to assess and monitor the likelihood of an event occurring and work to eliminate or minimise the event occurring.

2016 saw 50 workplaces fatalities, with the highest areas of fatality being in Agriculture, Construction and Forestry. The number for 2017 is currently sitting at 38.

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To ensure the safety of yourself and the people around you, PPE is a necessity for all business. PPE’s biggest job, is to protect its user against workplace hazards. Identifying the hazards and employing the necessary actions to mitigate them is key to significantly lowering the chance of a workplace injury.

Common PPE products for the workplace include compliant hi-vis clothing, correct hearing protectors, head protection, safety eyewear and safety footwear.

Work with your team to find the right products for your workplace.

For more information on workplace safety - www.worksafe.govt.nz

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) used to uncover evidence of a mass Pā site

13th October 2017.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), has been used in various industries in New Zealand to identify and locate services and objects underground but also highlight the possible structural and geotechnical integrity of soil and ground materials

These instruments provide an increased level of accuracy, which has been proven in industry applications such as:

  • Utility Location and Survey
  • Geotechnical Layer Analysis
  • Pavement Analysis
  • Bridge deck investigation

In recent years, the need for GPR technology has grown significantly - and instruments such as the Opera Duo and Stream C from IDS Geo-Radar have been developed to provide 3D mapping of underground utilities and ground structures.

Ground Penetrating Radar can detect in a variety of media (ground) including rock, soil, ice, fresh water, concrete, wood, anything non-metallic. It can detect objects, changes in material, and voids and cracks.

A recent example of GPR being used to identify what is underneath the surface, comes from a government agency in Tauranga. Surveyors in the area, have been using GPR technology in their search for usable land to build on. GPR findings uncovered evidence of a mass Pā site, under the land they hand planned to build on.


Last year, Accurate Instruments worked with IDS GeoRadar on the launch of the Stream C into New Zealand. Here is Mark Bell from IDS and local contractors, locating underground services.

For more information on GPR in New Zealand, please contact sales@accurate.kiwi

New Christchurch Showroom and Service Centre


We are proud to be able to share with you, the progression of our new Christchurch Showroom, Service, Hire and Training facility. There are only weeks to go before the new development opens, which is located only a short distance from our previous premises. A big thank you once again to Simon Construction, A.O Architect Designsand Coresteel Buildings for all their hard work to date.

Lone wolf: Meet Supercars champ Shane van Gisbergen


Great read from NZ Herald, an insight into the driver and the man that is Shane van Gisbergen.

Accurate - proud sponsor and supporter!