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Accurate's renown Auckland showroom in Mt Wellington undergoes a Facelift

In 2024, Accurate celebrates 30 years of supplying some of the world’s best, professional equipment available. During this time Accurate's Marua Road showroom has been a mainstay of the surveying, leveling and measurement industry, displaying some of the best laser, levelling, measuring, NDT, technical safety and inspection instruments available in New Zealand.

Our showroom professional product offerings for laser leveling and moisture detection is the widest available in New Zealand. No cheap toys or low spec products here, only the world's best and most renown brands on show.

Time certainly doesn’t stand still. In a world of Temo, Tik Tok and Twitter (well X now if that resonates with you), hundreds of domestic and international companies now offer low-cost laser, safety and measurement solutions, even all of the household tool brands.
Many of these are online only, and cannot be seen or touched until it arrives on your doorstep (hopefully).

There are TWO big reasons why so many customers come to Accurate's showroom's and calibration centers.


Many of the products available today, online or instore at some of the big tool merchants are simply not good enough for the trade industry in NZ. No pre-sale calibration or testing, no parts, no back up, no repair, no service and no support. Just a box on a shelf supplier to you - the unsuspecting buyer.
Our showrooms daily are inundated with many low cost "house" and "tool" brands that have failed, are out of calibration, aren't certified for use on site or haven't gone the distance.
An ISO9001 accredited company focused on quality control and assurance, at Accurate, we capture almost every defect, failure, calibration and quality issue before you receive your product.
The failure of components, products and even simple calibration errors, let alone product specification, at times, it is a significant concern that New Zealand infrastructure projects are being constructed by some of these ‘toys’.


With many of our technical sales and technician team surpassing 10+ years of tenure with the organisation, Accurate prides itself on it's knowledge of not only it's diverse range of products, but also the key market's it operates in.

To list just a few markets where our key people have extensive industry knowledge;

  • Construction and Civil site leveling
  • Portable and Fixed Gas Detection
  • Commercial Drainage and Inspection
  • Building Moisture determination and measurement
  • Underground Utility Location

  • Having this extensive wealth of knowledge of key NZ industries and the products suited to them, enable our team to correctly advise and assist with the right solution. If low cost products did it all - that's what we would offer. Sadly this is not always the case. Our vast offerings of equipment enable us to option multiple solutions so the customer, so you can match your budget to the demand and requirement of the task and job.

    Open from 7.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, with parking almost always available, pop in to 192 Marua Road to catch up with the latest offerings in our industry.

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