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GPR Concrete Scanning (NDT) Fundamentals course now available at Accurate Training.

The new GPR Concrete Scanning one-day course offers both theory and practice in understanding and using GPR to “See Thru” concrete structures and reveal true data for analysis and mark out. The theory of GPR for Concrete Scanning is covered as well as the RADAR science along with correct industry practices.

The course includes GPR theory – concrete scanning, scanning techniques, what affects target detection in concrete, visual inspection, mark out, data interpretation and control, service and maintenance, correct grid survey techniques, data collection. Case Study reviews.


  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills with GPR – concrete scanning in accordance with industry practice
  • Demonstrate key product knowledge – Functionality, Uses, Limitations and Results
  • Have suitable knowledge of the Founding Science of RADAR – (Radio Detection and Ranging)
  • Show awareness of hazards with concrete cutting and drilling, mark out
  • Understand maintenance, servicing requirements and calibration of the instrument
  • Demonstrate key operation, visual inspection, and competent handling of the instrument
  • Understand how to do basic concrete scans and grid scans for data collection
  • Understand fundamental interpretations of scanned data


  • Introduction to GPR theory
  • Collection and interpretation of data
  • Scanning techniques Product training for IDS C-Thrue GPR concrete scanner
  • Practical training with IDS C-Thrue GPR, line scan and grid scan
  • Data collection and mark out
  • Case Study reviews

    To learn more, visit www.accuratetraining.kiwi

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