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A proud day for all Kiwis
Team New Zealand returned to the water this week to continue testing and had the satisfaction of foiling under sail. Accurate is proud to be the Measurement Supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand and last week our Directors had the privilege of attending the launch of the latest single hull `boat’ and with the hi-tech tilting foils it looks more like an aircraft.
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New Enclosure for Zoo
Accurate recently had the pleasure of invited to visit the new enclosure at Auckland Zoo, currently being built for the Orangutans! The animals are due to arrive later this year and the site is buzzing with activity. The enclosure itself is very large, open and will have a lot of areas for the orangutans to climb, jump and even swim in.
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CUES 3D SPiDER Showcase
Accurate Instruments were privileged to be part of a presentation and demonstration to showcase the CUES SPiDER 3D manhole scanner to our Industry peers on 11th November through to 15th November 2019. Stuart Rome and Pierre Mikhail, key international representatives from CUES Orlando Florida travelled to NZ to show how the SPiDER technology can be used to efficiently scan all types of manholes, water and wastewater pump tank assets.
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NEW Bluetooth Climate and Moisture Measurement
Trotec have advanced climate and environmental determination with the release of their new Multi Measure APP WP wireless Sensors and Mobile software. The new MultiMeasure Mobile App for Apple iOS and Android device, links to a new range of sensors for measurement and determination data.
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