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MCE CB Duo Blade Steer System for house pads

Excavat's existing long-in-the tooth machine control system had been playing up causing issues for their key levelling tasks.

Reaching out to Accurate, the team determining the main field of use for the new skid steer, the environment and the operators. The solution lay in the intuitive MCE CB.Duo.2 dual 360 degree receiver system.
This is proportional valve Blade Steer system offers fully automatic hydraulic control, and is set up on Excavat box blade.

Key points that saw Accurate chosen for this supply included the simple set up of the system and ease of install – basically plug and play, onsite installation and training, proven MCE reliability and although not the cheapest solution available, overall cost effectiveness combined with performance.
Accurate were even able to have the
cables terminated to meet their machine specs.

The system also has the added flexibility of being used with bang bang valves and is also an ideal system to use for a tow-behind blade.

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