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Trotec TP7 Infrared Laser Pyrometer

The Trotec TP7 is an infrared laser temperature gun with a measuring range of -50deg C to +1000 deg C and a high optical resolution of 40:1.

One of our most popular infrared thermometers, the TP7 has a smaller spot measuring size and a higher measuring temperature of up to 1000° C.
The higher optical resolution specification for the TP7 is 40:1. This means at 40 meters distance from the target, the spot measurement size is approx. 1 meter in diameter. It also measures temperatures as high as 1000 deg C.

This makes the TP7 more suitable for measuring targets that are small to medium in size. Because the spot measuring size is smaller than many models, the measurement results achieved are usually more consistent.

Another time-saving function of the TP7 is the alarm-related colour change of the display illumination.
You can enter user-defined alarm thresholds for measured minimum and maximum values in the TP7. Falling below the set limit value, the display will flash blue, exceeding it, will flash red. In both cases an acoustic alarm signal will be emitted.

The TP7 also features adjustable emissivity correction and a dual laser pointer, which identifies the approx. spot measuring size.

Ideal for the measurement of food, electrical and industrial temps, preventative and predictive maintenance, general engineering, hvac, heat loss assessments etc.


  • Temperature Measurement Range: -50 ° C to + 1000 ° C
  • Optical Resolution: 40:1
  • Spot Measuring Size: Small. Smallest spot measuring size 25.4mm @ 0.762 meters
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/-1% (21 ° C to 300 ° C) otherwise +/- 1.5 to +/- 2.5%
  • Adjustable Emissivity: Yes, 0.10 to 1.0
  • Data Logging: No
  • Type K Connection: No
  • Weight: 180 grams
  • Dimensions: 152mm x 120mm x 48mm
  • Battery Type: 1x 9V
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Product Details Price
Trotec TP7 Infrared Laser Pyrometer

TP7, 1x 9V battery, operating manual (download), soft case.

    $249.00 + GST

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