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Trotec BP5F Food IR Thermometer

The Trotec BPF5 is a combination food grade handheld infrared laser temperature gun that also incorporates a probe digital thermometer.

Featuring a durable and washable IP65 enclosure, the BP5F has the ability to perform 2 types of temperature measurement.

1) INFRARED NON-CONTACT. The temperature measuring range for infrared is -40 to +280 degrees C. For non-contact surface temperature measurements of solid or frozen foods the BP5F's infrared sensor is equipped with a 20:1 measuring optic. From the red measuring spot on the surface of the measuring object you can conclude which area is taken into account for the determination of the temperature.

2) CONTACT INSERTION PROBE. The temperature measuring range for the contact probe is -40 to +200 degrees C. For measuring liquids and penetrable foods, the stainless steel food grade hygienic temperature probe is 7.5cm in length and the current temperature value will be displayed in a few seconds. Ideally suited for liquids, meat, fish, dough or other permeable materials.

The BP5F features a LED indicator in accordance with the HACCP standard for food safety. The relevant temperature ranges for safe food temperature measurements are below 4 °C and above 60 °C. The LED directly indicates measurements outside of this range. The red LED illuminates and warns you that the measured value ranges between 4 °C and 60 °C. Alternatively, both the green LED illuminate if the measured temperature is below 4 °C or above 60 °C and therefore HACCP-compliant.

Ideal for the measurement of temperatures for the food and hospitality industry.


  • Infrared Temperature Measurement Range: -40 °C to + 280 °C
  • Probe Temperature Measurement Range: -40 °C to + 200 °C
  • Optical Resolution: 20:1
  • Spot Measuring Size: n/a
  • Temperature Accuracy: Typically +/-1-2% of the measured value
  • Adjustable Emissivity: No
  • Data Logging: No
  • Weight: 180 grams
  • Dimensions: 185mm x 50mm x 67mm
  • Battery Type: 1x 9V
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty


Product Details Price
Trotec BP5F Food IR Thermometer

BP5F, 1x 9V battery, operating manual, soft case.

    $198.00 + GST

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