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Pulsar SafeEar Sound Warning Sign

The Pulsar SafeEar is an easy to install, LED noise activated sign, perfect for use in factories, workshops, garages, libraries and universities to warn when noise levels become too high and indicate when hearing protection must be worn.

In environments where the wearing of hearing protection may not be required at all times, the Pulsar SafeEar noise activated warning sign will inform employees when Personal Protective Equipment is required and also when it can be safely removed.

The Pulsar SafeEar can also be used in quiet locations such as classrooms, hospitals and libraries to indicate when noise levels must be kept down. By setting the Pulsar SafeEar to trigger at a lower level ensures that noise levels in quiet environments stay within acceptable levels.

Why invest in this innovative sound protection?

  • Quick and simple to install
  • Mount, set, plug and go
  • Illuminates to indicate when hearing protection must be worn
  • Warns when noise levels must be kept down
  • Trigger level from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A)
  • Extendable with additional remote control units to cover a large area
  • Different pictures and messages available to suit your business
  • Easily upgradable with data-logging facility
  • Suitable for use in quiet environments

Data Logging of sound level The Pulsar SafeEar can be upgraded to become a data logging noise level measurement unit by adding the USB software. The USB dongle simply plugs into the back of Pulsar SafeEar and can record the general noise levels (dBA) over long periods of time.

The Data Logger can be programmed to start recording at a specific time and date and run, for example, over an 8 hour shift.

When completed, simply remove the USB data logger and plug it into a PC, where the software will display a graph of the recorded noise levels and allow the data to be printed, exported and annotated for reference.

Key Features

There are 4 different versions of the SafeEar available.





Each sign lends itself to specific market uses. e.g. the SHHH! QUIET ZONE sign is suitable for hospitals, doctor waiting rooms, libriaries and universities where as the HEARING PROTECTION MUST BE WORN sign is well suited to commercial maintanence, engineering and fabrication plants.

Additional remote display units
Up to 3 remote displays can be connected and controlled by the Master Unit, to inform you of safe noise levels in the workplace. A simple cable from the Master Unit connects the displays by daisy-chaining them together so that a wide area can be covered. The cable lengths between the displays is 10 metres. Another common use for the Remote Units is to position one at the entrance to a high noise level environment such as above the door to a noisy workshop.


  • Trigger Detection Range: 40 - 114dBA
  • Frequency Types (Weighting): A
  • Time Response (Weighting): Slow
  • Microphone: PU112
  • Display Delay Time: None to 30 secs
  • Wall Mountable: Yes, 2 keyhole slots
  • Display: Visual Indication High intensity white LED with user controllable brightness
  • Data Logging: Optional, USB data logger with 32,000 storage points
  • Weight: 600 grams
  • Power: Mains operated 230V
  • International Standards: IEC 61672:2002
  • Warranty: 12 months


Product Details Price
Pulsar SafeEar Sound Warning Sign

SafeEar master display, mains power supply with 5m lead, microphone and user installation/operation chart.

    $650.00 + GST