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Pulsar SafeEar USB Data Logger

USB Data Logger for sound level recording and Windows compatible software for downloading sot red sound level measurements from the Pulsar SafeEar Warning Display.

How to use the SafeEar USB Data Logger.

Step 1) Install the Data Logging software on the Windows compatible PC.

Step 2) Connect the USB Data Logger to the PC and run the Pulsar SafeEar software. Configure and start the data logger.

Step 3)Remove the protective cover from the top of the SafeEar and insert the USB data logger into the port.

Step 4) Once completed, remove the USB data logger from the SafeEar and connect to the PC. Run the Pulsar SafeEar software and download the applicable file. Remove the data logger from the PC once completed.


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Pulsar SafeEar USB Data Logger
    $525.00 + GST