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Scala Penetrometer

A regularly used compactiong testing tool by many of NZ soil engineers, the Scala Penetrometer is used to determine the penetration resistance of a soil.

The Scala Penetrometer or Hand cone penetrometer is used to determine the penetration resistance of a soil.The Scala is manufactured in accordance with NZS 4402 Test 6.5.2: 1988 and is an extremely useful tool for profiling soil strength at depth.
The components are all zinc plated and are available individually or as a complete kit packed in a heavy duty canvas carry bag with optional additional 1.0m extensions and adaptors available.
An optional extractor tool is recommended to retrieve
of the Scala - this should be used to provent damage and extend the life of the Scala.

Special Scala models are also available without handles with measured graduated 1m rods for exact measurement calculations.


Product Details Price
Scala Penetrometer

Scala guide rod, 1m rod, anvil, drop weight with handles, canvas bag

    $510.00 + GST
Scala Penetrometer 1m Extension

Scala 1m extension graduated rod 1/2x5/8''

    $68.00 + GST
Scala Penetrometer Adapter

Adapter for each 1m Scala extension rod

    $49.00 + GST
Scala Penetrometer Extractor Tool

Scala Extraction tool only

    $249.00 + GST
Scala Penetrometer Cone Tip

Cone Tip for Scala Penetrometer

    $39.50 + GST
Scala Penetrometer Guide Rod

Guide Rod for Scala Penetrometer

    $56.00 + GST
Scala Penetrometer Anvil

Anvil for Scala Penetrometer

    $68.00 + GST
Scala Penetrometer Handle

Handle for Scala Penetrometer

    $37.50 + GST
Scala Penetrometer Drop Weight

Drop weight with twist handles for Scala Penetrometer

    $198.00 + GST
Scala Penetrometer PVC Bag

Red PVC bag for Scala Penetrometer

    $159.00 + GST

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