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Clegg Basic Soil Impact Tester

The 4.5kg Basic Clegg Impact Soil Tester is the economical model in the Clegg roading range of testers, designed as a low cost alternative to the Professional model.

Impact Testers are used primarily in the roading, base course, drainage and re-course/re-in-statement industries.

The Clegg Basic is the entry level model in the range. yet still offers the performance, durability and reliability that Clegg is renown.

The 882 display, when compared with the 883 display of Clegg Professional, has the LCD on the side of the unit instead of the top.
It also does not feature the back lighting of the 883 display.

Another key difference is the readout unit of the Clegg Basic only displays readings of Impact Value (IV) and number the drops.
inferred %CBR is not displayed on this model.

IV (or CIV) is similar in concept to the CBR (California Bearing Ratio). CIV may be used as an alternative to CBR in both laboratory and field samples.

The Clegg Basic Impact Soil Tester features a durable, very rugged design, suitable for prolonged use in dirty and harsh site environments.

The CIST/882 readout unit is made from high strength alloy that has been proven to last for decades. This model runs on 1 x 9V battery, typically giving up to 9 months operation.


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Clegg Basic Soil Impact Tester

Clegg Hammer 4.5kg, CIST/882 display, controller with alkaline battery, NZ dated calibration sticker, test ring, NZ test calibration certificate - laminated, user manual and heavy duty transport case.


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