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Clegg Basic Soil Impact Tester

The 4.5kg Basic Clegg Impact Soil Tester is the economical model in the Clegg roading range of testers.

It is designed as a low cost alternative to the Professional model.

It is used primarily in the roading and re-course/re-instatement industries.

Compared with the Professional and Bluetooth models above, the Clegg Basic utilises the CIST/882 display controller instead of the 883.

The CIST/882 Readout Unit displays readings of Impact Value (IV) and also shows the number of times that the hammer has been dropped during each test operation.

Key Features

There are several differences in the 882 and 883 display controllers.

  • The 882 has the display on the side of the unit instead of the top (883).
  • The 882 does not display the inferred %CBR calculated from the drops is displayed.
  • The 882 does not have the added facility of data transfer.
  • The 882 operates on a 9V battery.

For ease of use, the Clegg Basic has single button operation. The Clegg Basic Impact Soil Tester features a durable very rugged design, suitable for prolonged use in dirty and harsh site environments. The CIST/882 readout unit is made from high strength alloy that has been proven to last for decades.

This model runs on 1 x 9V battery.


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