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Spectra Precision CR700 Digital Boom Laser Receiver

The best of both worlds - a magnetic boom mounted laser receiver with a digital 'mm' display for precise hand and machine leveling.

The new Spectra Precision CR700 combination Laser Receiver is a machine mounted display receiver used on small grading and excavating equipment as well as a traditional laser receiver mounted to a grade rod or staff. The CR700 includes both a magnetic mount for quick machine mounting and a grade rod clamp.

With super bright directional LEDs, the CR700 is ideal for entry-level machine grade display, specifically on mini-excavators and backhoes. This provides instant grade information to the operator and eliminates the need for a rod man in the trench.

The CR700 uses the patented digital readout technology incorporated in the HL700 and Apache Storm laser receivers. This unique technology provides more accurate and more consistent readings than traditional methods and has fewer electronic components resulting in the most rugged and reliable laser receivers available.

It is also ideally suited to work in vertical application for alignments control.
The LEDs are visible at long range and a vertical drift alarm warns if the laser is disturbed.

Key Features

  • Combination magnetic boom and handheld 'mm' digital laser receiver
  • Digital Read-Out – the CR700 provides the exact distance from on-grade numerically
  • Bright LED Arrow Displays – new red/green/blue LED arrows are super bright and visible in all conditions
  • Radio function with Spectra lasers for Grade Match, Fingerprinting, PlanLok and Axis Alignment.
  • Remote Display – pair the CR700 receiver with an HL760 receiver to be used as an in cab remote display
  • Vertical Drift Alarm – Warns if the laser is disturbed when using in the vertical mode
  • Adjustable bandwidth for on-grade level
  • Continuous pickup through an operating range of 270 degrees
  • IP67 – dustproof, waterproof, weatherproof


  • Reception Angle: 200°
  • Detection Distance: Dependant on rotating laser model, typically upto 460m radius
  • Vertical Detection Range: 127mm
  • Accuracy Ultra Fine Mode: +/- 0.5mm (for handheld)
  • Accuracy Standard Mode: +/- 5mm (for machine)
  • Accuracy Coarse Mode: +/- 10mm (for machine)
  • Accuracy Machine Mode: +/- 25mm
  • Battery Type: 3x AA batteries
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67 Water and Dustproof
  • Battery Life: Typically 60+ hours
  • Warranty: 3 Years


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Spectra Precision CR700 Digital Boom Laser Receiver

CR700, 3x AA size alkaline batteries, magnetic mount, receiver clamp, operation guide.

    $950.00 + GST