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Top Measure TM12 Professional Measuring Wheel

Durable and rugged 32cm diameter measuring wheel with brake, handle counter reset and carry bag.

The Top Measure TM12 Professional is an extremely popular durable measuring wheel designed for a wide variety of applications.

Featuring a centered
32cm diameter wheel with a balanced fork design and wheel scraper, the TM12 is the right sized wheel to handle measuring tasks for pavements, re-reinstatement and roads, internal warehouses and factories, land surveying, civil earthworks and drainage, residential and commercial building and all purpose landscaping.

The TM12 has a brake in the handle to prevent free wheeling when the wheel is lifted off the ground. The re-settable counter has buttons not only on the counter but also in the handle assembly.

For ease of transport, the aluminum constructed handle folds in two and is supplied with a transport stroage bag.

The Top Measure TM12 has a no questions asked 2 year warranty covering all components.


  • Wheel Diameter: 32cm
  • Wheel Circumference: 1m
  • Measurement Increments: decimeters, meters
  • Resettable Counter: Yes
  • Handle Reset Counter: Yes
  • Counter Limit: 9999m
  • Fold-down/Telescopic handle: Yes, 2 piece fold-down
  • Brake: Yes
  • Kick Stand: Yes
  • Weight: 1.86kg


Product Details Price
Top Measure TM12 Professional Measuring Wheel

TM12 wheel and carry bag.

  • MW-TM-TM12
    $239.00 + GST

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