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Trotec BA16WP Vane Anemometer (App Sensor)

Versatile anemometer as appSensor controlled via smartphone.

The appSensor BA16WP is a vane anemometer permitting measurements of air velocity, volumetric flow, air temperature and relative humidity when used in combination with the MultiMeasure Mobile app.

The measuring device is immediately ready for use, it can be connected to the app and then displays all the measured values on your mobile device. Owing to the clever combination of the appSensor and the appertaining, free MultiMeasure Mobile app users benefit from numerous advantages in terms of flexibility, analysis functions, data control and documentation.

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This way, the parameters for relative humidity and air temperature, air flow rate or volumetric flow determined by the anemometer and transferred to the app can easily be converted into all major metric and imperial units.

Compare the determined data directly on your mobile terminal device or use the measured values for differentiated on-site analyses. A great number of useful features such as the logging function, chart representation of the measurement data or their export to a secondary analysis software as well as the report generation function permit the BA16WP's universal application, e.g. for the efficiency control of household appliances such as air-conditioning and ventilation systems or cooling fans in data processing sectors. But the BA16WP is also excellently suited for amateur sportsmen, e.g. to determine the wind strength.



  • Air flow rate [m/s]
  • Air flow rate [mph]
  • Air flow rate [mph]
  • Air flow rate [mph]
  • Air flow rate [ft/min]
  • Air temperature [°C]
  • Air temperature [°F]
  • Relative humidity
  • Dimensions 22x43x158mm


Product Details Price
Trotec BA16WP Vane Anemometer (App Sensor)
    $189.00 + GST

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