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Protimeter MMS3 Moisture Meter

The Protimeter MMS3 is a Bluetooth enabled multi function temperature, humidity, moisture locating AND moisture measurement tool, used primarily in the flooring industry.

The MMS3 is used to scan and locate moisture related problems PLUS measure the moisture content of timber and concrete.

Following on from the MMS2, the new updated MMS3 now includes Bluetooth, which allows live data stream over Bluetooth to a mobile phone, where the data log or embedded image can be transferred using the new Protimeter app. There is also a Web interface to view the logged data from the MMS3. The MMS3 also features an infrared laser thermometer for measuring surface temperature.
It also features nearly double the battery life, from 2x AA batteries, strengthened connection ports and a louder beeper.

Moisture Measurement of Concrete Floors New Zealand Flooring Standards require concrete floors to have a relative humidity level of no more than 75 % before floor coverings can be installed.

Simple non-invasive "scanning" capacitance meters either do not provide a humidity RH reading OR are simply not an accurate method of "measuring" concrete moisture. *More information can be found by referring to the NZ Flooring Industry Standards AS/NZS 2455 and AS/NZS 1884 and BRANZ Bulletin and 585.

The MMS3 has a scanning non-invasive mode (see Image 1 left). This mode is used for locating or testing the concrete for moisture. If a measurement or more accurate data is required, a measurement test must be performed (as described below).

The only way to perform a humidity measurement is with a Hygrometer. The MMS2 is a hygrometer.

For a non destructive method of measuring, the hygrometer can be used with a humidity box. This box (with a small cavity on the underneath side, and a plugged hole in the side) is sealed to the top of the concrete slab and left, typically, for a period of 24-36 hours. Because the cavity space on the underneath of box is less dense than the concrete, the movement of moisture occurs from the concrete into this space. After the allotted time period, the plug from the side is removed and the hygrometer is inserted into this hole to measure the RH inside the cavity within the humidity box (see Image 2 left).. Often 2 or 3 boxes are used across a whole slab. The average reading is then taken.

For an invasive deeper method of measuring, holes can be drilled into the concrete and plastic sleeves can be inserted into the slab. The sleeve, approx. 16mm in diameter, is inserted into the drilled hole, then capped and left, typically for a period of 24-36 hours. Several sleeves are inserted into the concrete to attain areas over a greater area on the concrete slab when compared to the humidity box option above. Because the sleeve is perforated and the space inside the sleeve is less dense than the surrounding concrete, the movement of moisture occurs from the concrete into this space. After the allotted time period, the cap is removed and the hygrometer is inserted into this sleeve to measure the RH within the concrete slab (see Image 3 left).

Note: For both methods, it is important to let the MMS3 aclimatise to the temperature inside the humidity box or sleeve to attain the correct values.

With the correct attachments, the MMS3 can also measure the % of wood moisture, air, surface and dew point temperature, grains per pound etc.

A wide range of accessories including humidity sleeves, humidity boxes, sliding hammer electrodes, hard carry cases are available for the MMS3.


  • Measurement Type: Air & Surface temperature, humidity, dew point, WME%, capacitance
  • Measurement Range Relative Humidity: 30 - 98% rh (0 - 100% with on Quickstick)
  • Accuracy Relative Humidity: typically +/- 2%
  • Measurement Range Air Temperature: -20 to +80 ° C (-4 to 176 ° F)
  • Accuracy Temperature: Typically +/-1.5 ° C
  • Measurement Range IR Surface Temperature: -10 to +50 ° C (15 to 122 ° F)
  • Measurement Range Moisture Probes: 8 - 100% WME
  • Measurement Range Moisture Capacitance: 60 - 999 digits
  • Measurement Depth Moisture Capacitance: Typically up to 19mm from the surface, up to 5" in deep sensitivity mode (subject to material)
  • Data Logging: Yes, up to 10,000 stored values
  • Display: 2.4" TFT Color LCD 320x240 Resolution with adjustable brightness
  • Weight: 310 grams (instrument only)
  • Battery Type: 2x AA Alkaline
  • Warranty: 2 Years


Product Details Price
Protimeter MMS3 Moisture Meter

Standard package (BLD9800-S Survey Kit) includes: MMS3, quikstick, hygrostick, stick extension cable, deep wall probes, hand probe, 2x AA batteries, operating manual, logging software, USB cable, soft case.

    $2,165.00 + GST
Protimeter MMS3 Moisture Flooring Kit

MMS3 with standard accessories PLUS adjustable humidity sleeves, 5x hygrosticks with extension lead, rH cal check, drill, brush, extractor tool and hard case, for undertaking moisture content readings of concrete floors.

    $2,998.00 + GST
Protimeter MMS3 Adjustable Humidity Sleeves

Pack of 20 humidity sleeves.

    $78.00 + GST
Protimeter MMS3 Surface Humidity Box

Humidity Box only.

    $99.50 + GST

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