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Gann BL H 40 Moisture Meter Kit

The Gann Hydromette BL 40 H is a professional made in Germany pin-type timber moisture meter kit designed for measuring the moisture content of timber framing in pre lining of new residential and commercial builds, as well as measuring of cut bulk firewood.

The Hydromette BL 40 H from Gann is a trade professional hand held timber moisture meter set including a heavy duty stainless sliding hammer electrode.

This type of moisture meter set is what the councils, local bodies and building inspectors use in New Zealand for pre-lining checks of the construction of new buildings.
The heavy duty M18 stainless sliding hammer comes with hardened steel pins, which are 60mm in length, with teflon insulated shafts. The teflon insulation on the hammer electrode pins, help reduce the effect that timber treatments have on moisture meter readings (i.e. H1.2 Boron).

The BL 40 H features a built-in 7-level wood species correction with over 300 types of wood types. By selecting the correct value, the BL 40 H will automatically correct the moisture content value.

For accurate temperature correction, a range of optional probes are available for the BL 40H to correct for any temperature variance.

With a fast measurement time and for ease of operation, the large centre located measure button allows the user to rapidly measure the The BL 40 H is also supplied with a pack of un-insulated 60mm pins, which can be used for un-treated timber and firewood measurements.

The Gann BL 40H has a 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty covering any defects in materials or workmanship.


  • Measurement Method: Resistance
  • Hammer Probe length: 60mm
  • Measurement Range: 5 - 40 %
  • Display: 3 line LCD display
  • Resolution of reading: 0.1 %
  • Built-in Wood Menu: Yes, 7-level wood species correction (more than 300 types)
  • Temperature Correction: Yes, with optional sensor
  • Weight: 160 grams (meter only)
  • Battery Type: 1x 9V
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Product Details Price
Gann BL H 40 Moisture Meter Kit

BL H 40 package with moisture meter, M18 sliding hammer electrode with 60mm insulated probes, connecting cable, 9V battery, operating instructions, pack of 60mm un-insulated pins, wood species book, pack of spare pins, hard case (fits all components).

    $1,079.00 + GST
Calibration Test Certificate for BL H 40

Calibration test and certificate for Gann BL H 40.

    $149.00 + GST
Calibration Test Block for BL 40 H

Calibration resistance test block for Gann BL H 40.

    $95.00 + GST

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