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Gann BL Compact S Moisture Meter Kit

The BL Compact S Kit is a professional German made wood moisture meter set including hammer probe, designed for measuring the moisture in timber framing.

The BL Compact S from Gann is designed as a professional hand held timber moisture meter to be used manufacturers, builders and constructors to determine the estimated % of moisture in the general timber.

Using the sliding hammer electrode with longer insulated 60mm pins, t
his type of moisture meter system is what the councils, local bodies and building inspectors use in New Zealand for pre-lining checks of the construction of new buildings.
The sliding hammer electrode allows the user to drive the pins into the timber frame or through the gib lining by the hammer action, typically going into the timber at a depth of 20-30mm deep. The 60mm teflon insulated pins on the hammer electrode, help reduce the effect that timber treatments have on moisture meter readings (i.e. H1.2 Boron).

If you use just the moisture meter by itself (with 8-10mm pin length) without the hammer electrode, you will only measure the surface and this often always results in an incorrect result or answer. Sometimes it will be higher, other times lower than the deeper measurement of the hammer electrode.

The BL Compact S meter features a built-in 2-stage wood type correction with a supplied wood type chart to identify which code to choose. The Compact S will also determine the ambient temperature of the wood in case a correction is required to be applied.

The Gann BL Compact S has a 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty covering any defects in materials or workmanship.


  • Measurement Method: Resistance
  • Probe length: 8mm
  • Measurement Range: 10-50%
  • Display: 3 line LCD display
  • Resolution of reading: 0.1 %
  • Built-in Wood Menu: Yes - soft and hard wood settings
  • Temperature Correction: Built in temperature sensor
  • Connection for Optional Hammer Probe: Yes
  • Weight: 170 grams
  • Battery Type: 1x 9V
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty


Product Details Price
Gann BL Compact S Moisture Meter Kit

BL Compact S, 9V battery, operating instructions, pack of replacement pins, sliding hammer electrode, 2x 60mm insulated probes, connecting cables and large adapters, small adapters, hard case (fits all components)

    $899.00 + GST
Calibration Test Block for BL Compact S Kit

Calibration resistance test block for Gann BL Compact S Moisture Meter kit.

    $95.00 + GST
Calibration Test Certificate for BL Compact S Kit

Calibration test and certificate for Gann BL Compact S Moisture Meter Kit.

    $149.00 + GST

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