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Gann BL Compact B2 Moisture Meter

The Hydromette BL Compact B2 is a high quality, made in Germany, hand-held non-invasive moisture meter for determining moisture in homes and buildings.

The Hydromette BL Compact B2 is a multi material non invasive moisture meter which uses the dielectric constant measuring /high-frequency principle.

With 7 different concrete/screed/plaster profiles stored in the meter, the BL Compact B2 is well suited to not only conventional
locating of moisture in homes and building materials, it is also well specified for the measurement of moisture content by weight, in concrete,screed and plaster materials.

With a fast measuring determination and self calibration, simply turn on the BL Compact B2, hold against the wall or concrete and the unit will scan (using the capacitance method), up to 40 - 60mm from the surface.

The BL Compact B2 has an audible alarm, which will sound if the values exceed the set alarm limit.
Limits for the building materials can be set individually and the user guide sets out some key moisture parameters for the materials based on specific weight and environmental conditions.


  • Measurement Method: Capacitance - di-electric
  • Measurement Scanning Depth: up to 40 - 60mm
  • Units of Measure: Digits, cement screed, concrete, mortar, plaster
  • Display: 3 line LCD
  • Resolution of reading: 0.1 digit
  • Alarm: Yes, user settable
  • Weight: 170 grams
  • Battery Type: 1x 9V battery
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty


Product Details Price
Gann BL Compact B2 Moisture Meter

Hydromette B2, 9V battery, operating instructions, foam padded storage box.

    $698.00 + GST

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