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Moba Big Sonic-Ski

Modular sonic sensor system for non contact surface scanning.

The Big Sonic-Ski from Moba kit exists of an up to 13-metre long mechanic assembly with dismountable swing arms and a respective electronic kit of up to four ultrasonic sensors. Four sensors achieve the most precise and even results, in particular, with respect to road renovation works of large areas. The use of individually adjustable components within the mechanical construction further guarantees highest flexibility, e.g. in curves and over large distances.

The Big Sonic-Ski® extends the advantages of a single ultrasonic sensor. With up to four sensors, even large area unevenness, such as road waves, are compensated for. Through combining several sensors, the sensing of an extremely long range is made possible. With these measurements, the system calculates an average, and provides a virtual reference level.

The Big Sonic-Ski® achieves maximum planarity during asphalt paving, making it unrivalled in its precision.
With four sensors, long unevenness that occur in regular intervals of five to seven meters, can be detected.
Such unevenness often occurs during resurfacing, and can not be detected by less sensors. The individual sensors can each be positioned separately.

This increases the manoeuvrability of the machine, allowing work to be performed on even curvy roads, without problem.

The Big Sonic-Ski also features real-time temperature compensation with flexible scanning at freely selectable measurement points.

If you operate paving systems in New Zealand, call our FREEPHONE on 0800 500 380 to discuss this high precision paving solution.


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