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SmartTRAK ST102 Magnetic Locator

The ST102 from SmartTRAK features Smart-Search technologyTM with different locating modes for more precision locating of buried steel assets and marks.

The SmartTRAK ST102 Magnetic locator features Smart-Search Technology™ with North/South polarity which indicates polarity and eliminates interference. This provides pinpoint accuracy around fences or other large metal objects, indicates polarity and eliminates other interference.

With the 4 smart modes (Standard, Erase, Smart+, Smart-) the ST102 is the smart choice for locating manholes, steel covers, septic systems, corner survey markers, cast iron pipes, iron valves, re-bar, and other ferrous metals underground.

Both SmartTRAK models feature 1.5x more sensitivity when compared with other than leading brands and the large visual display indicates the visual results as well as audio.
The ST102 robust tube and locating tip are both waterproof and the weather resistant speaker provides superior acoustics, even in the toughest environments and weather conditions.

The ST102 features a standard 7 year manufacturers warranty.


  • Detection Type: Magnetic Field (steel/iron)
  • Audio: 10Hz, tone increases with magnetic field strength
  • Volume: Yes, 4 settings
  • Visual: LCD, numeric readout 0-99, signal bar strength
  • Gain/Sensitivity: Yes, 6 settings
  • Operating Modes: 4, Standard, Erase, Smart+, Smart-
  • Smart Search: Yes
  • Battery Type: 6x AA alkaline
  • Weight: 1.13kg


Product Details Price
SmartTRAK ST102 Magnetic Locator

ST102 locator, 6x AA alkaline batteries, user manual, padded bag

    $1,605.00 + GST

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