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Schonstedt Spot Magnetic Locator

Spot from Schonstedt, is the “Next Generation Stick Locator” offering lightweight operation, accuracy, ease of use and low cost.

Spot is the latest incarnation from Schonstedt, one of the world’s most renown brands of magnetic locator.
is an entry level sleek, ultralight magnetic metal locator featuring improved ergonomics combined with an IP54 weatherproof rating.
This level of weather protection allows users to search for ferrous metal objects in inclement weather, even if they are under shallow snow or water.

The Spot features 5 levels of sensitivity and is optimised to locate a wide variety of ferrous objects, ranging from steel manhole covers, through steel pipe joints and all the way to survey marker pins, up to a depth of 5 meters.

The Spot features a standard 7 year manufacturers warranty.


  • Detection Type: Magnetic Field (steel/iron)
  • Depth Capability: up to 5m
  • Audio: 30 to 40,000 Hz, frequency increases/decreases with signal strength
  • Volume: Yes, 3 settings, min, max, mute
  • Visual: No
  • Gain/Sensitivity: Yes, 5 settings
  • Power/Battery Type: 1x 9V alkaline
  • Size 108cm (l)


Product Details Price
Schonstedt Spot Magnetic Locator
    $1,498.00 + GST

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