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QBL/Geomax Arrow4S Pipe Laser

All the features of the extremely popular QBL/Geomax Arrow4 with the added versatility of a vertical rotating beam for out of the pipe alignment.

The QBL/Geomax Arrow4S is the higher grade model of the Arrow4, featuring a unique advanced rotating vertical beam.

The Arrow4S is a reliable, easy to use pipe laser with a grade input range of -10 to +40%, with self-levelling in both the main and cross axis.
There is
a unique vertical rotating beam that can be detected using an option digital laser receiver. This feature allows the operator to utilise the laser receiver for aligning the laser in the direction of the pipe/trench.

The "Grade Matching” feature of the Arrow4S also allows for the alignment of the laser out of the trench/pipe with existing above ground references such as stakes, pegs or warratahs. Once the left/right alignment is completed, the laser returns to the exact desired grade.
The ZRC125 remote control is easy to operate with the left/right line control, centring and LED vertical reference light.

The QBL/Geomax Arrow4S comes standard with a 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship.


  • Accuracy: +/- 4.8mm at 100m (10 arc seconds)
  • Laser Class: Class3R, less than 5mW
  • Self Leveling: Yes, -15 to +45% range
  • Cross Axis Self Leveling: Automatic 6°
  • Grade Range: -10 to +40%
  • Grade Increments: 0.001%
  • Remote Control Range: Up to 190m (front of pipe laser)
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Battery Life: 40 hours rechargeable
  • Weight: 2.08kg incl. batteries
  • Weather Protection: IP68


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QBL/Geomax Arrow4S Pipe Laser

Arrow4S laser, ZRC125 remote control, universal target set, lithium ion battery & charger, 150mm feet, NZ dated calibration sticker, shockwatch, NZ test calibration certificate - laminated, user manual and hard carry case.


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