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Pro Shot AS2 Magnum Single Grade Laser

All the features of the popular Pro Shot AS2 with the added versatility of an S2 compound grade kit, higher accuracy and longer range.

The Pro Shot AS2 Magnum is a fully automatic, dial-in self leveling single grade laser, made in the USA.
In comparison with the standard AS2, the Magnum model features a longer 1000 metre working range, higher levelling accuracy and the S2 compound slope kit.

The S2 compound kit allows the AS2 Magnum to be used for dual grade applications that do not require high precision.
The included grade chart tells the operator the correct compound slope (combination of main and cross slopes) to enter into the AS2 Magnum as well as the laser orientation.

The standard package includes the durable and simple to use R9 laser receiver.
If you are searching for a digital receiver, choose the package with HL450 'mm' laser receiver, with digitally displays the height elevation on the LCD. The operator can see exactly how many millimeters they are above or below grade.

The package includes the HL700 digital receiver, featuring a wider deadband of 127mm, with anti strobe mode, more accuracy settings and longer detection range.

The Pro Shot AS2 series laser levels are used by many of New Zealand's construction and contracting firms, and they have one of the best standard warranties available in the business, period.

The 6 Year Manufacturer's warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship whilst in addition the AS2 also comes standard with a 6 Year Knockdown warranty which covers the internal leveling mechanism and internal optics against damage from any cause.


  • Accuracy: +/- 1.5mm at 30m (10 arc seconds)
  • Self Leveling: Yes
  • Grade Range: Single grade 0-25%
  • Grade Increments: 0.01%
  • Operating Diameter: 1000m
  • Rotation Speed: 600, 900 & 1200RPM selectable
  • Battery Type: 4x C alkaline (optional rechargeable available)
  • Battery Life: 90 hours
  • Weight: 2.89kg incl. batteries
  • Weather Protection: IP56


Product Details Price
Pro Shot AS2 Magnum Single Grade Laser

AS2 Magnum laser, Spectra Precision HL700 'mm' digital receiver with clamp, S2 compound grade kit, heavy duty flat aluminium tripod, alkaline batteries, NZ dated calibration sticker, shockwatch, NZ test calibration certificate - laminated, user manual and hard carry case.

    $3,599.00 + GST

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