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Howard Leight X-Treme Earplug

Class 5 single-use highly visible earplug from Howard Leight

For operations where high visibility is a must, the X-Treme single-use earplugs’ bright orange colour offers eye-catching contrast to industrial settings. X-treme’s soft polyurethane foam construction provides a high level of long-wearing comfort, while it’s bullet shape aids in easy insertion and removal. Available corded or uncorded, X-Treme is also available in a variety ready-to-use dispenser options.


Product Details Price
Howard Leight X-Treme Earplug
Howard Leight X-Treme Earplug Non Corded
    $85.50 + GST
Howard Leight X-Treme Earplug Corded
    $94.30 + GST
Howard Leight X-Treme Earplug Hand Dispenser
    $42.53 + GST

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