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Haglöf Mantax Blue Caliper

Mantax Blue aluminium Calipers from Haglöf Sweden.

Haglöf Sweden’s Mantax Blue calipers are produced in a great selection and the largest variety of scale graduations and lengths. These calipers are proven functional and reliable and can be depended upon for years of professional use in any tough environment. Tested by independant institutes; PTB and FPA approved. When you require function, durability and ruggedness, for reliable field measurements in the most demanding environments on land or sea, Mantax is the caliper for you. Mantax Blue is available with extra long scales and shorter jaws, suitable for wildlife and fish measuring. Also crowned/certified scale lengths as Mantax Blue 500mm; 600mm; 800mm and 1000mm.


Available in 3 sizes: 650mm, 800mm, 1m

Material Scale: Alloy coated aluminum, non-reflective.

Material Handle: Armoured glassfiber polycarbonate plastic.

Jaws: Detachable aluminum and steel. Jaws are normally approx. half of the scale graduated length and suitable for diameter measuring. For fish measuring models, jaws are approx 200mm/8”


Product Details Price
Haglöf Mantax Blue Caliper
Haglöf Mantax 650 Blue Caliper

650mm caliper

    $245.00 + GST
Haglöf Mantax 800 Blue Caliper

800mm caliper

    $256.00 + GST
Haglöf Mantax 1000 Blue Caliper

1000mm caliper

    $262.00 + GST

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