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Trotec TFV30S Fan

Very popular large and portable turbo fan used for carpet drying and flood restoration.

The TFV30S is a large powerful portable 3 stage turbo fan used primarily in the carpet drying and flood restoration industries.
It has 3 different fan speeds, with a maximum airflow of 2250m3/hour.
Turbo fans are especially well-suited for operation in carpet and cavity drying and water damage restoration. They perform well when used in conjunction with dehumidifiers.

The TFV30S is designed to be operated at different angles of 0°, 45° or 90°, whilst retaining a stable position at all 3 angles. This means the air can be blown across the floor or surface or into the surrounding air/room.
A triple hose connector is optionally available which allows the air flow to be directed to three different spots using just the 1 fan. If less than three hoses are used, the other connections are sealed.

The Trotec TFV30S comes standard with a 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty covering any defects in materials or workmanship.

NOTE: TFV30S internal multi socket conenctor not applicable for NZ use.


  • Airflow Rate: Maximum 2250 m3/h
  • Air Pressure: 525 Pa
  • Stages: 3 stages/speeds
  • Hose/Ducting Size: up to 3 optional 100mm x6m hoses
  • Noise Level: 73.5 dB (A) (lowest stage)
  • Current: 5.2amp
  • Power Usage: 1.05kW
  • Weight: 18.5kg


Product Details Price
Trotec TFV30S Fan

TFV30S, AUS/NZ power cable, user guide.

    $629.00 + GST
Trotec TFV30S 3-way Adapter

Adapter for the TFV30S allowing for 3 x 6m individual hoses to be connected for multiple air distribution

    $110.00 + GST
Trotec TF-L 100mm Hose set of 3

Set of 3x TF-L hoses that attach to the adapter for the TFV30S, 6 meters in length.

    $267.00 + GST

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