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The WingtraOne is a tail-sitting VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle developed in Switzerland by Wingtra AG. Powered by two electric motors, it is designed primarily for use in precision agriculture and surveying roles, or for light payload delivery to rural areas.

WingtraOne collects high resolution aerial data which is used to generate ortho photos,3D reconstructions,point cloud and NDVI maps; the drone is capable of covering 390 hectares (960 acres) at an altitude of 240 metres at 3 cm/pxGSD.

PPK Accuracy

In the world of drone mapping, accuracy has always been a hot topic for professional surveyors. Accuracy for drone maps can be categorized into relative accuracy and absolute accuracy.
Both relative and absolute accuracy of the orthophotos and other outputs are very important depending on the application and goal of the project. For applications which involve measurements, inspections, and monitoring, relative accuracy is usually sufficient. On the other hand, absolute accuracy is necessary if a high degree of confidence in GPS coordinates measurements is needed. Examples for such application include land title surveys, environmental records, site plan overlays and so on.
The momentous advancement in drone technology over the past few years has also enhanced the ability for drone maps to be highly accurate, even without the need of Ground Control Points (GCPs). Amid the fierce competition between professional surveying drones for the most accurate and efficient mapping technology, the WingtraOne PPK system has successfully set a new benchmark for accuracy in the world of surveying drones. With both the high-end PPK technology and the professional-grade camera integrated in the WingtraOne PPK, the drone is capable of delivering the best orthophoto accuracy together with the top quality images to surveyors. On top of that, the simple workflow of WingtraOne PPK defines a new level of efficiency in high accuracy drone mapping.”

Reference: WingtraOne PPK Accuracy (white paper, Jan 2018), Yi Hao Ng, Jakob Buchheim 3D

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Wingtra AG is a company originally founded in Switzerland developing, designing and engineering fixed-wing autonomous drones with markets that include surveying, agriculture, glacier monitoring, and wildlife research. Undertaking research at the Autonomous Systems Lab in Zurich, Wingtra now has now spread their wings further afield to the USA, China and the rest of Europe.

Visit https://wingtra.com/ for more information

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