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Trotec TTK125S Dehumidifier

The TTK125S is a high quality compact, lightweight, portable and economical commercial dehumidifer designed for all small to medium drying applications.

Featuring the same rolling piston compressor and the hot-gas defrosting unit as the other TTK-S models, the TTK125S has a typical drying capacity of 28 litres per 24 hours with a maximum dehumidification ability of up to 32 litres per 24 hours.

The TTK-S series from Trotec will even work efficiently to dry the environment in air temperatures as low as 8-10 deg C. (NOTE: Dehumidification performance decreases at lower temperatures. Heating is recommended in cold temperatures)

At an air temp of approx. 20 deg C, the TTK125S is suitable for environmental drying control of a room size up to approx 150m3.

As is the case for all the TTK-S models, the 125S features an operation hours counter, adjustable hydrostat and an indicating light sensor for the internal bucket, all surrounded by a dual metal bar to protect the controls from damage. The internal bucket will hold upto 6 litres and the unit will automatically switch off when full. Alternatively, the user can choose to remove the internal bucket and use the hose connector to drain away all the moisture. In this mode, the TTK125S will operate continuously without stopping. If a power cut occurs, the TTK125S will re-commence operation once power is restored.

The inbuilt recessed handles allow for easy transportation and multiple TTK125S dryers can be stacked for easy compact storage.

An optional fully-automatic condensate pump can also be used in place of a hose which can be connected to the drain outlet at the bottom of the unit to ensure that the water is properly drained off when used for unsupervised drying operations over a longer period.


  • Maximum Drying Capacity: 32L per 24 hours
  • Typical Drying Capacity: 28L per 24 hours @30 °C/80 % RH
  • Room Size Drying: up to 60m2
  • Airflow: 300m3/h maximum setting
  • Power Consumption: 0.6kW max
  • Water Tank Capacity: 6 Litres
  • Sound Level: 52 dBA @1m distance from machine
  • Weight: 26 kgs
  • Dimensions: 609mm x 375mm x 375mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Product Details Price
Trotec TTK125S Dehumidifier

TTK125S, AUS/NZ mains lead, 6L bucket with hose and connector, user guide.

    $1,649.00 + GST
Trotec TTK125S Cover

Handy protective cover for all commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK-S series.

    $60.00 + GST
Trotec TFV30S Turbo Fan

High capacity 2200m3/hr Turbo Fan.

    $629.00 + GST

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