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Radiodetection Flexrod Fiberglass Rod/Reel

The FlexiRod reel is a fiberglass rod with an optional sonde attached designed for tracing pipes and ducts in combination with a locator.

The Flexrod is a durable diameter fiberglass rod with an end connection suitable for a connection of a variety of available sondes.
By connecting a sonde to the end of the rod (which emitts a specific frequency), the Flexrod is pushed down a pipe and the sonde on the end of the rod can be traced, both location and depth (dependant on the locator model).
The Flexrod is resistant to abrasion, most solvents, oils and acids and is often used when in an environment where a CCTV camera is not required but the tracing and location of the pipe is.

Standard size is 6.7mm diameter by 100m length.
Also available for special order in 4.5mm, 9mm and 11mm rod diameters, sizing between 50m and 300m.


  • Construction: E-Glass and Vinyl Ester with polypropylene, UV stabilised
  • Rod Length: 100m (others lengths available)
  • Rod Diameter: 6.7mm (4mm, 9mm, 11mm also available)
  • Rod Connection to Sonde: M6 male thread
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 25cm
  • Weight: 11kg


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Radiodetection Flexrod Fiberglass Rod/Reel

6.7mm diameter Fiberglass rod 100m length, reel, M6 brass connector.


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