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Seco 5217- 40 Prism Pole Bipod Red

The Seco 5217-40 is an economy bipod aimed at the construction industry for use with prism, robotic or GPS poles.

Designed for construction and civil engineering, a surveyor can set up a freestanding GPS antenna pole, staff or prism pole 1-to-1.25-inch (25.4-to-31.8 mm) OD.
Poles attach easily through the open clamp 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) OD poles can be loaded through the top.

This model bipod weighs 1.93kg.


Product Details Price
Seco 5217- 40 Prism Pole Bipod Red

Scissor Grip Prism Pole Bipod and soft carry case.

  • BIPOD-SECO-5217-40-RED
    $289.00 + GST

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