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5 Metre Aluminium Staff 1mm/10mm Reading

Unique high precision 1mm reading telescopic 5 meter, 5 section staff with surveyors ‘E’ 10mm graduation plus 1mm laser graduation. Can be used with both optical and laser levelling equipment.

Manufactured from aluminium, with 3 scales (2 on the front, 1 on the reverse), the front features E lettered graduated measurements combined with 10mm blocks to identify each measurement.
The front also features a unique 1mm reading for the highest staff levelling precision with laser levels.

The reverse of the staff is a 'mm' height scale so the staff can be used as a height stick.

Each of the 5 sections features alternating white and red coloured measurements and each section is locked in place by a durable round button on the reverse.

Each staff is supplied with a circular bubble that fits in the back of the staff so the operator can maintain plumb when leveling.Staff collapses to 1.2m for transit. in the carry bag.


  • Max. Extended Height: 5m
  • Closed Height: 1.2m
  • Measurement Units: Metric E reading with 1mm reading (front), metric height scale on reverse
  • Weight: 1.82kg


Product Details Price
5 Metre Aluminium Staff 1mm/10mm Reading

5m Staff and carry bag with strap.

    $160.00 + GST

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