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Spectra Precision ST805 Signal Transmitter

The ST805 transmitter is used in combination with the Spectra Precision Laser APP for iOS and Android mobile devices, to remotely control the laser level and increase remote operating range.

Extend the Radio Range of Your Laser!

The Spectra Precision ST805 Signal Transporter extends the radio range of compatible lasers by up to two times the normal range.

The ST805 is a small, compact device that attaches easily to a pole or stake with the included mounting strap. On the jobsite, it is placed between the laser and the remote control, the remote control app or an HL760 receiver. Once paired with the laser, the ST805 will then re-broadcast the radio signal, doubling the range of the current RC402N, RC602N, RC603N and RC803 remote controls.

Contractors can now carry out the full range of operations from the radio remote control or App including Grade Matching, PlaneLok and Axis Alignment. This reduces the need for multiple set-ups when working over longer distances and provides the contractor with more control, especially when carrying out alignments. In addition, the ST805 extends the range of the Fingerprinting function when used with an HL760 receiver, reducing errors from other lasers operating on the same jobsite.

The ST805 will work with LL300S, HV302, HV302G, GL412N, GL422N, GL612N, GL622N, GL622IR, UL633N, DG613, DG613G, and DG813 lasers.

When used with DG pipe lasers in manholes, the ST805 mounts on top of the manhole to assist the RC803 remote to maintain radio communication between the laser and the remote control.


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Spectra Precision ST805 Signal Transmitter

ST805, Strap, 2x AA Batteries and Quick Reference Guide

    $475.00 + GST

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