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Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter

The BLD5365 Protimeter Surveymaster from Amphenol, is a popular dual mode moisture meter with both invasive pin resistance measuring of wood and capacitance non-invasive scanning operation.

Well known throughout NZ, the Surveymaster is a dual function non invasive PLUS probe moisture meter.

It is ideal for locating and measuring moisture problems in homes and building materials such as timber/wood, gib board etc.

Simply hold the meter against the wall and the unit will scan (using the capacitance method), typically up to 19mm from the surface. Where moisture is located, the readings from the meter, which are displayed as digits on the LCD, increase significantly. (Note: Metal also increases the readings of capacitance meters).
The latest model now features a unique "reference mode" for non invasive measuring. The meter can be benchmarked to a known point on a wall, and any changes in measurement will appear as higher or lower in digits compared to this area.

The Surveymaster also features a green, amber and red LED light scale which provides the user with a DRY (green), RISK (amber) and WET (red) visual indicator of moisture levels.

Once an area has been determined as being possibly wet because of high readings, switch the mode on the Surveymaster to the pin/probe mode (WME), and measure the % of moisture.

For deeper readings, the Surveymaster comes standard with a pair of deep wall probes, which can be plugged into the side of the unit.

This unit is ideal for locating and measuring moisture in walls of homes, buildings and apartments etc.


  • Measurement Method: Capacitance (non invasive) AND Resistance (pin mode)
  • Measurement Scanning Depth: up to 19mm (non invasive)
  • Measurement Range: 0 - 999 digits (non invasive) AND 7 - 99% (pin mode)
  • Display: LCD + LED light scale
  • Resolution of reading: 1 digit (non invasive) AND 0.1% (pin mode)
  • Alarm: Audible tone increases when moisture located
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Battery Type: 1x 9V
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty


Product Details Price
Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter

Standard package includes: BLD5365 Surveymaster, 1x 9V battery, operating guide, hand probe, deep wall probes, cal check, spare pins, soft case.

    $1,055.00 + GST
Protimeter H/Duty Hammer Electrode

BLD5055 Heavy Duty Hammer Electrode with 60mm pins for Surveymaster

    $529.00 + GST
Calibration Test Certificate for Surveymaster

Calibration test and certificate for Protimeter Surveymaster.

    $149.00 + GST
Protimeter spare pins

Replacement pins for the BLD5365 Protimeter Surveymaster - set of 3.

    $27.00 + GST

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