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Trotec BE15 Voltage Detector

Non-contact voltage detection enable localisation of all live conductors.

The BE15 from Trotec enables a quick, non-contact detection of alternating voltages in two selectable sensitivity levels (200 V and 24 V).

Approaching a live conductor, such as a socket, switch or cable connection, the BE15 detects and indicates live power quickly and without contact, based on a capacitive measurement method:
The LED indicator integrated in the measuring tip turns from green to red and visually indicates "CAUTION: Hazardous voltage". An acoustic warning signal is also emitted in addition.

Moreover, the BE15 also detects low voltages as can be officially required in certain areas such as in wet rooms. All it takes is for you to press the switch-over button and the colour change of the LED indicator from green to orange indicates that the higher 24 V sensitivity level has been activated. The warnings when approaching a live conductor are consistent with the procedure described above.

The LED lamp integrated at the clip end permits an optimum illumination of dark inspection areas and so enables safe and precise working without tiring despite unfavourable lighting conditions. The convenient power button permits a full deactivation of the measuring device BE15 in order to save energy during periods of non-use.


  • AC voltage (V/AC): 24V minimum; 1000V maximum)
  • Measuring Circuit Category: CAT III (1,000 V);CAT IV (600 V)
  • Battery Type: 3x AAA
  • Weight: 48g excl. battery


Product Details Price
Trotec BE15 Voltage Detector

BE15, 2x AAA batteries.

    $38.00 + GST

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