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The Trotec T660 Non invasive Moisture Meter is Back! Get them before they are gone.

One of Accurate's most well known, well used, well trusted and well loved products is back.

With all the headwinds faced by electronic manufacturers these past 2 years, Trotec have been forced to go back to the drawing board and re-design/re-source the internal componentry for the T660 (all with other meters).

From a key person at Trotec GmBH,"As the current market situation regarding nearly any kind of electronic parts is critical all over the world and especially concerning some very special chips it came to be some kind of gambling the last months to get even only some of those at all, but sometime for really unsustainable prices! Just one example: a microchip which cost $2.59 USD before suddenly now cost $59.- USD! Only this single chip! We had that for several parts and modules of just one product"

To keep price increases to a minimum, we have made the holster 3 zip padded case an optional for customers to purchase. The meter in the standard delivery is still supplied with the rubberised protective cover.

Top learn more about the T660 or to purchase see Trotec T660 Moisture Meter | Accurate Instruments.

All of us at Accurate thank all of you who patiently waited these past months to access this product again.
All back orders are currently being processed and will be shipped this first week of September.

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