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New EOS Arrow Gold+ enhanced multi-channel GNSS receiver

Looking for more from your GNSS receiver? Consider the new Arrow Gold+™

Customers considering the Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver can now choose between the standard Arrow Gold® and the more advanced Arrow Gold+™ model.
The new Arrow Gold+™ includes all the same features of the standard Arrow Gold® GNSS receiver, however the new plus model, with its 800+ channels, also includes support for additional GNSS signals such as India’s IRNSS (L5).
The Arrow Gold+™ also extends the battery life longer to 11 hours (compared with 7.5 hours from the standard Arrow Gold™) and now incorporates the built-in functionality of connecting multiple mobile devices to just the one receiver.

Even More Signals Supported

The Arrow Gold+™ supports even more signals, resulting in faster RTK convergence and better RTK performance in tough conditions. Additional signal support includes the concurrent use of the BeiDou B3 and GPS L5 signals and more GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS and IRNSS signals.
The Arrow Gold+™ also supports the upcoming Galileo E6 HAS, which will broadcast differential corrections for GPS and Galileo satellites.


The Arrow Gold+™ has the functionality of the Eos Bridge™ Bluetooth® connector built-in. Connect your Arrow Gold+™ to any third-party sensor (e.g., laser rangefinder), and the Arrow Gold+™ will stream the content of that sensor to your iOS or another mobile device via its data stream.

Completely Flexible

The Arrow Gold+™ is compatible with all consumer mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows) and any third-party data collection app.
It really is a completely flexible external GNSS receiver.

Survey-Grade GNSS Receiver

The Arrow Gold+™ GNSS receiver provides survey-grade accuracy from a variety of differential correction sources, including 1cm RTK positioning from network data corrections, any existing or new base stations, and the Atlas® subscription service.

The Arrow Gold+™ is available for both purchase and rental. Contact us for more information or pricing on short and long term rental or lease options. Learn more here; EOS Arrow Gold+ | Accurate Instruments

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