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PLS3x360 Green & Red Crossline Lasers

The first deliveries of the new PLS 3x360G and 360R laser levels have arrived into Accurate's warehouses in January 2021.
The Accurate Service QA testing and calibration technicians have put the new models through a series of assessment tests for performance, calibration and repair - and unsurprisingly both models have passed with ease.

The PLS 3x360 models replace the existing popular PLS HVL100 and PLS 480 line laser models, and complete the full new model refresh, that started over 12 months ago.
The new 3X360 models feature a unique MLB bracket with built-in magnets, that doubles as a ceiling bracket for suspended ceiling installs or a steel post magnetic wall mount.
As was the case with the 480 and HVL100, the MLB bracket enables very fine horizontal tangent adjustments for the vertical beams, ideal for getting that square exactly in line.

Both units feature a high +/- 2mm per 10 meters accuracy, which is class leading.
For battery performance, the lasers are supplied with the rechargeable RBP5 battery pack, which can be interchanged with other new generation PLS models such as the PLS 6.

The first shipments are nearly sold out, with more orders arriving in February 2020.
Learn more here; https://www.accurate.kiwi/Products/laser-levelling-tools/laser-levels/dot-line-lasers/

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