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NZ's first Radiodetection RD500 Water Pipe Locator sold

One of the biggest challenges faced today by many contractors and engineers, is matching technology with application.
There is not always a solution that covers "ALL" aspects, and this is very true when it comes to locating underground services.
Traditional service locators are in-effective in detecting or tracing plastic or concrete pipes, as they trace electromagnetic signals travelling on metal pipes and cables. Those signals don’t travel on plastic and using ground penetrating radar can often be cost inhibitive.

Radiodetection now have a new unique location system available for plastic and concrete pipes - the RD500.
The RD500 is a unique specialised instrument for locating and tracing buried plastic and/or concrete water pipes. It generates an acoustic signal, which travels down the plastic pipe/s as vibrations. The RD500 locator detects the vibrations: the nearer to the pipe, the louder the vibrations are, and therefore an operator can identify the location of the buried pipe and trace its route.

We put this to the test with Hamilton City Council in December 2020. The Council delegates discovered quickly that the initial setup of this equipment is simplistic and provided ease of use and simple to operate when locating underground plastic water pipes. They all agree that their field operational staff can easily deploy this technology and put to use immediately within their operations, and will be extremely effective in locating buried pipes within the existing subdivisions and new connections that they manage.

To learn more about the new Radiodetection RD500, visit https://www.accurate.kiwi/Product/cable-rd-rd500/

Or contact our sales team by phone or email. The RD500 is available for demo, trial, hire rental and purchase.

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