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CUES Conference in Florida

As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of water, wastewater, and stormwater inspection equipment, CUES provides the necessary tools for both pipeline inspection and repair.

In 2018, CUES was acquired by SPX Corporation, with the parent company merging its existing Radiodetection and Pearpoint portfolio with CUES.
Based in Orlando, for 50+ years CUES has manufactured some of the most rugged and reliable pipeline inspection equipment in the industry.

The general theme was about CUES product suite and how they maintain high levels of industry practices, from manufacturing through to distribution and supply chain via dealerships across the globe. Their suite of products sit within the mainline pipe systems, lateral camera pipe inspection and underground asset management systems.

Robert Wood, Business Development Manager for Accurate, was provided the great opportunity to speak at the event, discussing the history of Accurate, it’s shape and markets.
Robert also highlighted the success of the recent CUES SPiDER product showcases in Auckland and Christchurch late in 2019.

Accurate spoke with dealers across the USA and Europe to gain an understanding on how many inspection, maintenance and asset management projects are undertaken globally.
It was very informative, insightful and allowed us to grow our knowledge across all of the CUES product range and integrate with some of the operators across the industry.
Our goal is to forge long standing relationships with these people to support our mission of bringing some of the best equipment to our shores.

This will help us with the increasing demand for underground asset condition assessment and verification reporting.

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