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Trotec BI15 Wallscanner

Locate ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wooden substructures and live cables, which are under plaster, cement and concrete.

Goodbye drilling damage – The BI15 wall scanner protects drills and saves nerves at the same time, as this multifunctional measuring device doesn't only locate ferrous and non-ferrous metals or live cables, but also reliably finds wooden substructures located below plasters or concrete.

The measuring device is fitted with an adjustable laser levelling assistance to show the further course for construction or piping. This laser levelling assistance, combined with the two built-in spirit levels can be used as installation tools for correct angular alignment.

So that the BI15 Wall Scanner can also be aligned for measuring on uneven surfaces, there are two independent adjustment wheels fitted to the back which can compensate for unevenness at the position of measuring.

DEMO Stock currently available only.

Key Features

  • Simple detection of live cables, wood or metal in walls and floors
  • Integrated bulls eye level and spirit level for exact alignment
  • Adjusting wheels for evening out surfaces
  • Detection to a depth of 38 mm
  • Audiovisual alarm upon detection of alternating current
  • Simple operation


  • Position Accuracy: Typically 3-5mm (depths of 19-38mm)
  • Maximum Depth Detection Range: 38mm to metal, 19mm to wood
  • Electrical Detection: AC live power
  • Battery Type: 1x 9V alkaline
  • Weight: 180g excl. battery


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Trotec BI15 Wallscanner

BI15, 1x 9V battery.

    $60.00 + GST