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Smart Leveler

The Smart Leveler digital water level is a precise level that works on the principal of hydrodynamics that water always seeks its own level.

The Smart Leveler consists of a control unit and a reservoir.
sensitive digital pressure gauge is connected with tubing to a sealed fluid-filled reservoir.
The pressure differential between the digital display and reservoir is determined by the height differential and provides accurate, repeatable elevation measurements of typically 2-3mm.

While laser and optical levels lose accuracy with distance, the Smart Leveler stays accurate and can work around corners!


  • Accuracy: Typically +/- 2.5 - 3mm
  • Operating Range: 65m
  • Measurement Range: +/- 30m (horizontal), +/- 2.5m (vertical)
  • Battery Life: Typical 1 year
  • Battery Type: 9V alkaline
  • Weight: 4.32kg incl. batteries


Product Details Price
Smart Leveler

Casing including pressure reservoir, digital display, tubing.

  • Smart Leveler
    $985.00 + GST

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