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Apache Storm Digital Laser Receiver

Extremely popular digital laser receiver for rotating lasers. Display's the exact amount of 'mm' above or below level.

The Apache Storm is the original "mm digital readout" LCD laser receiver.
Different to all the conventional laser receivers on the market, it displays the exact amount of millimetres (high or low) to level on the easy to read large LCD display. It is designed to be used with red beam rotating lasers used by builders, commercial contractors and concrete placers. The Storm features a large 127mm window for detecting the laser beam emitted from the rotating laser. The digital readout in mm is given over 100mm of this reception window (+/- 50mm). If you cannot read the LCD display because it is above your head or below your knees on the grade rod/staff, the Storm has a feature that will automatically capture the measurement for you and display it on the LCD. It is suitable for setting out a profile and stringline on construction leveling jobs, or adjusting and packing joists/bearers for decks. The Apache Storm comes standard with a 3 Year warranty Manufacturer's covering any defects in materials or workmanship.

Key Features

  • Display's the number of millimetres above/below on-grade, on the LCD readout
  • Large 127mm vertical laser detection range
  • 3 bright LED lights for above, below and on-grade information
  • Automatic memory height capture measurement
  • Rugged IP67 water and dustproof
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty


  • Operating Range: 1m to 460m radius (dependant on rotating laser model)
  • Laser Detection Spectrum: Red rotating laser beams 610nm - 780nm
  • Vertical Detection Height: 127mm
  • Display: Digital LCD with 'mm' numerical readout upto +/- 51mm
  • Accuracy: Ultra Fine (0.5mm), Super Fine (1mm), Fine (2mm), Medium (5mm), Coarse (10mm)
  • Units: mm, cm, ft, inches, fraction
  • Speaker Volume: Off, low, medium, loud
  • Battery Type: 2x AA alkaline
  • Battery Life: 60 hours
  • Weight: 505gm incl. batteries and clamp


Product Details Price
Apache Storm Digital Laser Receiver

Storm receiver, clamp, alkaline batteries and user manual.

    $595.00 + GST