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Howard Leight Source 400 Earplug Dispenser

Table top or wall mounted earplug dispenser for Howard Leight Max, Max Lite and Xtreme earplugs

The Leight® Source 400 earplug dispenser offers easy access to single-use earplugs in any jobsite. As a table top or wall-mount dispenser, the Leight Source 400 provides a user-friendly source for earplugs – simply twist the spout to release earplugs. Place the Leight Source 400 by the shop door or in the lunchroom, and workers can access a new pair of earplugs as they enter the workspace. And it clearly displays fitting instructions for roll-down and no-roll foam earplugs to demonstrate proper insertion.


Product Details Price
Howard Leight Source 400 Earplug Dispenser
    $46.23 + GST
Howard Leight Source 400 Max Refill
    $80.16 + GST
Howard Leight Source 400 Max Lite Refill
    $68.32 + GST

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